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This is a guest post by R. Lobitz.

When you were desperately trying to find a diet program that is easy to live with, allowed you to be as close to hunger-free as possible when dieting, and offered sensible foods for meal planning, you found the Dukan diet, and it offered all of these benefits.

The Dukan diet being a 'neighbor' of the Atkins diet, with a few beneficial twists like no carb counting, low fat, eating as much as you want (including vegetables) to feel satisfied and full allowed the pounds to seemingly just melt away.

However, even with all these benefits you can still run into a few problems. The following will list the two common problems that people experience on the diet, and how to avoid them.

Lack of Variety

Many people who choose to follow the Dukan diet find the list of foods intimidating - this is allowed, that isn't allowed. But everyone needs to remember that after a period of time you will memorize the list, and once you get into a habit foods can be bought and eaten without checking the list every five minutes!

A problem arises when food becomes limited to the few food items that are easily remembered, or the one or two recipes that are safe, tried & tested! Even the best recipe repeated over and over can become boring at some point. This in turn can make meal planning an undesired chore, and drive you to 'go off the diet' when you can't take the same old grilled turkey breast any more.

To avoid this, you need to 'spread your wings' and look for other recipes and foods that are allowed on the diet. Dukan dieting is easy to follow and doesn't have to be limited (remember that giant ingredients list mentioned earlier?). There are mouthwatering, free recipes and recipe books available online that anyone will enjoy. MyDukanDiet.com is one, but there are plenty of other's out there.

Not Exercising

Lack of hunger and quick weight loss are major benefits of the Dukan diet. Many people feel that because the pounds are slipping away they do not need to exercise. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

When you are losing weight exercise is of prime importance to keep the body toned and healthy. Simply put, don't trade an overweight body for a thin flabby body!

There are many forms of exercise for you to choose from, pick one that fits your physical condition, lifestyle, and most importantly, something you will enjoy doing. Here's a few examples:


Walking is a very beneficial means of exercise that can be done with a group of friends at lunch hour, with a friend before or after work; walk the dog, or walk the kids to the park. Being able to do this with others makes it seem more like a social event than exercise!


Just like walking, cycling can be done alone or with others, and you will find it to be exhilarating. You do not need to cycle 15 miles, just getting out for 15 to 30 minutes is fine.

Punching the Bag

This is a sport/exercise that has taken off in popularity for women. A quick trip to the gym with your boxing gloves in hand allows you to punch and kick the heavy bag, or just practice with the punching bag. You can relieve a lot of stress with this form of exercise, and get that satisfying feeling of 'punching out' someone who caused upheaval in your day!

Boxing gloves for exercise are inexpensive, but you may not have a gym membership or you may not want a gym membership. There are two options available to you; find a pay-per-use gym, or you can opt to purchase a heavy bag, or punching bag and hang them in the garage or work out room so you can have the pleasure whenever you feel like it. Visit www.boxingbagstore.com, I use them for all my 'boxing' needs.

Water Sports

Swimming or exercising in water is a fun way to move your body, and is wonderful for the elderly, or people with joint problems.

Now you know how to prevent hunger, feelings of guilt and have some fun ideas for exercising. You are set for success!

This is a guest post by R. Lobitz.


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