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 Smoked Tofu100g



Slice the smoked tofu as thinly as you possibly can with a sharp knife..the thickness determines a) how many chips you get for 100g and also the end texture (thinner gets crispier and stays crispier) - don't worry about ragged edges as these can be a virtue.


2 quick methods to choose from
a) put 1 layer deep in a hot non-stick pan - no oil required - they'll blister on the heated side - turn after a couple of minutes - do to the level you like


b) put 1 layer deep on some foil under the grill - the upward facing side blisters then you turn - watch like a a hawk! Again 2 minutes each side should be enough - much faster than the oven, but you can use than too at a lower heat for a baked taste.


The grilled version curls up and puffs more and I think stayed a bit crispier -and the burned bits taste like bacon - the great virtue of using a smoked tofu.


Sprinkle with paprika or yeast flakes or crushed nori seaweed.


If you're counting calories it's less than 100kcal per 100g tofu which makes a good plateful.


A great treat for vegans and protein seekers alike - Smoked Tofu is not the same as marinated - the latter is often much higher in fat. Use a firm version or press it to make it as firm as you can before slicing. Enjoy - would love to hear how you build on this.


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