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So what is the secret to eating out while on the dukan diet regime? Personally I found one amazing place which many would not consider for any diet...

The place you wouldn't think of

As you might have already guessed from the picture, I have discovered that you can have a really healthy and cheap take-away meal when you're in a hurry or just feeling lazy. You might want to give your local kebab shop a second thought!

Now it's not the usual way you'd order at such a place. For starters skip all the sauces - no mayo or ketchup or any other such condiments full of calories and sugar.

Also you want to make sure you grab chicken-breast shish kebabs. This is where you know it's only good, lean meat inside, no doner kebabs please! I must say I'm really lucky as my local shop has a 5 star health and safety rating (!), and they recently installed this special oven. Now you get the chicken with a lovely, juicy flavour from the wooden charcoal.

Depending what phase you are on you can skip the salad or have whichever green bits you like. The standard tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce or cabbage are all allowed on PV. Now you might get some strange looks if you ask for no bread with it, so I usually just take it as is. You can then either throw the bread out or feed some birds with it...

Pure Protein Eat Out

But maybe you don't have as nice kebab shop nearby as I do. Don't fret, there are other options!

To start of with the simple meat choices: steak is an option. Even if it does come with a rim of fat, you can always cut it off. Just make sure it's grilled and don't order any sauces or butters with it. If you're going out with others and your order comes with diet unfriendly sides you can always give them to your companions.

Another good choice is fish or seafood. Grilled or steamed should be a safe choice. Again avoid sauces, as in a restaurant you never know what they use. A little dash of lemon juice though is allowed.

Just like the shish-kebabs are a great treat, you can also have roasted chicken. Just take the skin off and stick to the meaty bits like breast and thighs while avoiding wings.

Vegetable Day Eat Out

Now on veggie days it gets slightly easier and more versatile. These days most restaurants are quite accommodating so you should be able to have plenty of salads (just not potato salad! :)) without the dressing. You can also always add some balsamic vinegar if you like.

The Big Secret

But at the end of the day the big thing to remember is that you can be picky. When you go out ask questions about the dish you are thinking of. Ask for these little changes that make a whole lot of a difference. Restaurants are more used to dealing with strange requirements than they used to be with many allergy sufferers, vegetarians and dieters being open about their needs. Remember - the customer is always right!

Share your favourite places to eat out while on the Dukan diet below!


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