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The Dukan Diet Life Plan by Dr Pierre Dukan

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The Dukan Diet Life Plan by Dr Pierre Dukan

The much improved Dukan diet book, with a better layout and lots of great photos. Especially handy for quick fact checks as it works great as a reference book.

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Review of "The Dukan Diet Life Plan"

I knew there was a third book out about the Dukan diet released some time ago, but after the slight disappointment with the recipe cookbook I glanced over it and forgotten all about it. Recently someone reminded me of it, and I thought that I might want to see if they made any more changes to the diet or there were some new updates, so I ordered “The Dukan Diet Life Plan” making it my fifth Dukan book.

The Dukan Diet Life Plan - Sample menu page

When it finally arrived a few days later, I was ecstatic and upset at the same time. And you will understand why in a minute. Personally I think this should have been the first book to hit the English-speaking market. It’s exactly the same design as the Polish second edition (from 2009!), so it’s not like it took them that long to create the formatting and layout from scratch – they already had it… Yet, for some reason they went with the text only format, which is fine if you read the book once and then have everything in your head. However, most people end up constantly referring back to the book – for reference and recipes.

Rant over, now for the good parts. I am a sucker for pretty things, and this book definitely does not lack in that department. It is full of inspiring illustrations, and mouth-watering dish photos. It’s kept very light and fresh – it really put’s a smile on my face whenever I flick through. And with recipe photos it immediately shows you that this die is not about deprivation.

Photos aside, it is very much a reference book. It’s great for reading cover-to-cover, but you will be glad to have it throughout the diet, as it is so easy to find stuff in there. Forgotten the oat bran daily guidelines? Bam – quick side note on a single page, no more wading through a whole chapter to find that one elusive sentence. Sometimes people email me questions, and I know I’ve seen the answer in the book somewhere, but end up spending a while trying to find the exact quote. Not anymore.

You might wonder why I don’t use my Polish copy? I often did, but this beats looking up herb names in the dictionary and making sure the rules haven’t been updated for the English speaking audience…

The Dukan Diet Life Plan - Sample menu page

If it looks like you’ll be on the Dukan diet for a longer period, I would definitely urge you to get this version of the book. All the notes about important stuff, and allowed food in tables you can quickly and easily scan though are definitely worth the shelf space.

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The Dukan Diet Life Plan - Sample menu page


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